Roots    $120

Full Colour   $140

Roots & Cut     $175

Full Colour & Cut      $190



Highlights start at $150+

Average for todays looks $250-350+

*Bleach + Tone Retouch    $200+

(Retouch base price for 5 weeks or less)

Bleach + Tone   $350+

*Please note that when a retouch is beyond 5 weeks old additional corrective charges will be applied due to the sensitive nature of all over bleaching. Solid blondes are high maintenance colours and must be maintained accordingly.


Please be informed that depending on the density and thickness of your hair, and chosen colour style  additional colour charges will be applied to your service for time and extra product used. 


$95 Women

$63 Men

$20 Fringe trim


$150/row  Weft Invisible 

$125/row. Weft Regular 

$150+ Tape in

Other methods by

consult only.


Does NOT include price of hair. 



Single session   $90

 5 Sessions   $425

8 Sessions  $640

20 sessions $1500

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$150 General Nutrition plan 

(Fight Fight yyc)


All new clients must purchase a general nutrition plan to start. It also provides the general ground work needed to be a coaching client.  A minimum of 3 months is required for coaching, however we recommend a 1 year commitment to truly make life changing results.

Payments can me made in 3, 6, or 12 month increments.


Get one of the most accurate body composition testings available. Using ultrasound technology to measure the actual thickness of the fat and muscle tissue. Using these numbers can help inform you of exactly where to focus goals from getting your body fat into healthy ranges, or getting into low competition levels. Our software also gives you accurate caloric intakes required for your body and goals. Stop guessing and get accurate info to help you along your journey.

3 Point analysis (1or 3)  $55 or $135

7 Point analysis (1or 3)  $75 or $210

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