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Asian Spice Dressing


1-2 servings

3 tbsp Soy free seasoning sauce, soy sauce, tamari, braggs ( you get the idea)

1 tbsp Sambal

1 small squirt ginger

1 small squirt garlic

Lemon juice


Pretty straight forward…mix ingredients together even in small bowl or you can do in a ninja blender or mason jar.


I like using the Coconut Secret pictured below for this one when I’m cutting weight or for people watching their salt intake as its only about 180mg of salt per serving as compared to something like Tamari which would have nearly 660mg. When it comes to the ginger, garlic and lemon juice you have options of fresh or pastes- try to get top notch brands when possible so the quality of the ingredients is good and there are minimal added things like sulphites or preservatives. Realistically it’s a major time saver to have these in your pantry or fridge.

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