• Meaghan Cameron

Steroid Coffee

Don't worry I don't use actual steroids, but I sure do love amping up my morning coffee with this routine. I don't do it close to fights when I'm needing to make weight since it's very high in calories for a drink. I will provide to 2 options for this coffee the normal steroid version and skinny bitch version.


225cal per serving

Skinny bitch version 30cal


Collagen peptides

Chaga extract or powder

Lions mane extract or powder

Cordyceps extract or powder

Silk coffee creamer ( coconut or cashew, multiple flavours)

Mct oil or ghee



Start by making your usual coffee. I like strong pour over coffee, but any way you usually make your coffee is fine and the best thing about steroid coffee is it doesn't taste weird or come back positive on Usada testing.

In your mug (hopefully not one with some lame inspirational quote) add recommended amount of the mushroom powders (usually 1/2 teaspoon dry, or 1 squirt liquids), 1 scoop peptides, 1 tbsp mct oil or butter and 1tbsp of creamer, then add coffee and mix with those small battery operated coffee frothers.

My boyfriend tries to tell me that there is no real evidence behind the benefits of the mct oil and that it's all bro science. Bro science or not I do like the flavour, and coconut oil does help keep you regular (if you know what I mean ;). Keep in mind this will instantly add 120 calories so it's not skinny bitch approved.


For the mushrooms, you can really choose whatever mushrooms float your boat. I like this combo and I find it very price effective. I was using Four Stigmata  products for a while, but they are very expensive so I got creative with the mushroom coffee idea. I purchase all my mushroom goods from my fave store in Calgary Light Cellar and Lotus Herbal Health. Please visit them and go down the mushroom rabbit hole for your own personal health wants and needs.

For the peptides I also get this at the light cellar. I have been using the Vital Proteins brand which I love, but recently purchased the Light Cellar brand as it's half the price. I trust their sources for ingredients and look forward to trying it. 1 Scoop of peptides is 70 calories so this is also not skinny bitch approved.

For the coffee we are part of the Coffee roasters club which is a great way to try loads of quality coffee from around the world. They send you a decent amount of coffee to sample and you can reorder full amounts easily. Check them out here.


Chaga extract or powder

Lions mane extract or powder

Cordyceps extract or powder

Silk coffee creamer ( coconut or cashew, multiple flavours)


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